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Nohe Weir

(interviewed by Ben Bradford)

1. How long have you been skating? 

7 years

2. Why do you skateboard?

Cause i gets me out of my head, its fun, all my homies do, and its just rad in general

3. What's your favorite beer while skating?

red stripe

4. J Casanova or Chris Gentry? 

Brian Wenning 

5. If you could have one superpower what would it be?


6. Whats your favorite trick? 

walk the dog

7. What do you do when you're not on your skateboard?

work, dick around, chill with the lady friend, cook food, drink beer, and whatever the day brings

8. Boobies or booties?


9. Most influential skate video?

Transworld the reason

10. Whats your dream skate spot? 

2ft tall 8ft wide 100 foot ledges for miles



Ben Bradford

(interviewed by Nohe Weir)

1. First dump truck you ever landed?   

I have no idea

2. Top 3 best things about being a ginger? 

instant conversation topic, freckles are tight, the ladies dig it

3. Top 3 worst things about being a ginger?  

sunburns, south park, being extinct in 100 years

4. Why do you have a little gay dog?

Because hes mr. casey, hes the best

5. How many minutes does it take for you to get sun burnt?  

25 and a half seconds

6. Do you think your paler the brunt?

Nah brunts got that one

7. Do gingers really not have souls?

Definitely not

8. Top three mount clare moments:   

booze diet, playing mario kart, dead possum hunts

9. Top three woodcroft moments:  

our olympic curling party, rothgar and other random crofties, moving out

10. Favorite jamer quote:  

Hey man got any re-fries?!



Baxter Harrill

(interviewed by Charles Whalen)

1. Was it worth it?

Hmmm, it can go both ways...but I'd say yeah. It was definitely a lot of fun minus a few little hang ups here and there.

2. Name 5 Rappers you would put on your rap cd. It seems just about anyone can be on one these days
    1.    Curren$y

    2.    Lil Wayne (2000-2007)

    3.    Andre Nickatina
    4.    Mac Dre

    5.    Eaze Dogg!!!!

3. What is a day in the life of baxter like?

Wake up around 10 if I'm working, drive around delivering food until 2.  Between 2 and 4 it's either skating or sitting around on the computer.  Around 4 go back to work or skate the park if its slow.  Get off work at ten and either spend another ridiculous amount of time on youtube, go do downtown; stuff whatever that may be, or lately I've been skating Thrashville late night since my roommate recently acquired a key.

4. Do you ever dream of owning your own delivery business?

Haha umm I hadn't really considered that, but apparently the owner of where I work is doing pretty good for himself so maybe i should consider it haha.

5. Did you have a hard time coming up with questions to ask me?

No not really at all, more like remembering to sit down and get them done.  (sorry about that Rob!)

6. Is it true that average never looked so good?

See for yourself.

7. Here is the bullshit question.  Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Sorry dude.

Owning my own delivery business

8. Who on the team would you pick to be your next door neighbor?

How about Mike. He seems to always have some sort of real nice set up going on, so i figure if i'm his neighbor i'm probably doing something right for myself.

9. Do you like this town?

Well I've lived here for pretty much my entire life so I think it's pretty safe to say I do.  But recently i've been thinking I need some sort of change, but I'm sure i would come back to settle down and what not. It's just too nice to stay away as yuppie as that sounds.

10. Do you remember that one night we hung out with molly at the old house?

Hahaha I don't remember much from that house but yeah I do remember that.  Bombing hills with glass cups in our hands and then going to court at 8:30 am the next day. Glad we've all calmed down a bit from then.




Charles Whalen

(interviewed by Baxter Harrill)

1. How many movies do you watch a week?

Oh shit well in a good week probably every other day, but it mostly depends in how money i have.

2. Does the last season of The Sopranos really blow it as hard as i've heard?

We live in a town full of shit talkers and fakes. When Tony got shot and was put into ICU, i drew some serious tears.

3. What your favorite memory from The Mount Clare House?

The answer is the first time i had ever hung out with Molly and Baxter. He had to be to court the next morning at like 8 or some shit. We spent the that holy night smoking re fried cigs and listening to the most random music ever. Shit was truly a epic night.

4. Least Favorite?

Waking up the next day and wondering if one of the dudes had falling off a bridge, overdosed, or had gotten to drunk and smashed there head wide open.

5. Who held/holds down the Mount Clare House the best.

US! well to be honest the four people that live their now are some of the coolest people I have ever met. I LOVE THOSE GUYS.

6. Best thing to eat at Scully's
Ah man! sitting on that front porch and drinking booz! watching people walk by, see i'm a very judgmental person so it really works out for me.

7. Worst dude in Asheville? 

Baxter you might get me in to trouble for this one, as for that one i'm going to have to keep that one inside in a safe place, where no one can ever see how mad this dude truly makes me. Well there is this one bum who i see around town.

8. Top 5 Skateboarders

Brandon Bibel, Duane Peters, Rory Hipps, Corey Duffel, The Kid Jason Adams.

9. Top 5 Bands

Parkway Drive, ATB, Stray from the Path, Mumford and Sons, HIM.

10. If you had to pick one place to move and one thing to do for the rest of your life in that place, where and what would it be?

Oh the beach with hot naked women smoking grass, Naw! Well to be honest this sounds really gay but i want to own a bed and breakfast some where warm and near the beach.




John Molnar

(interviewed by Luke Broussard)

1. Top 5 things to do in Asheville when not skating?
    1.    Hangout with Tessa Eve Everton
    2.    Hang out at my house and listen to records.
    3.    Go to goodwill
    4.    Go to Harvest Records
    5.    T.E.E.
    6.    Lay on the couch bed at the mt claire house and watch movies.

2. Top 5 Frontside Blunt slides?
    1.    Darrel ollie over front blunt Clipper
    2.    Any Louie Barletta does
    3.    Ben Bradford on tranny
    4.    Brian Anderson Hubba Hideout
    5.    Marc Johnson Front Blunt Kickflip in seven steps to heaven.
    6.    me

3. Top 5 skateboarders?

    1.    Cory Kennedy
    2.    Davis Torgensson
    3.    McClung brothas
    4.    Kelly Hart
    5.    Nyjah

West Virginia:
    1.    Chad Henry
    2.    Luke McKaye
    3.    Josh Burke
    4.    Dave Coyne
    5.    Luke Hunter
    6.    Todd Rassmussen
All Time:
    1.    Jamie Thomas
    2.    Gino
    3.    Creager
    4.    Marc Johnson
    5.    Rowley
    6.    Homies

4. Top 5 Tattoos?
    1.    PBR
    2.    Push
    3.    Robert Goulet
    4.    Panky Panky
    5.    Skateboard "ALL DAY"
    6.    Skate And Destroy

5. Top 5 moments at the Mt Claire house?
    1.    Falling and cracking my head open on the fire place, laying in a pool of blood, nohe finding me, waking shlee up at 5 am and getting rushed to the E Room to recieve 5 staples in my head. 27th birthday.
    2.    Laying under the blankets with Luke and watching Nip/Tuck for 9 hours straight. No Bromo
    3.    The Era of The B-Team
    4.    Staying up till 6am with Marple getting wasted and looking at all my old baseball cards and finding a Doc Ellis 1970 topps card.
    5.    The once a week drink on the porch and skate in the road sundays those are the best.

6. Top 5 Good Will scores?
    1.    Pink Floyd  - Piper at the Gates of dawn green vinyl
    2.    Velvet Underground - White Light White Heat French import 2nd pressing
    3.    Every Mountain shirt I have found i think im up to about 30 now and ive been collecting them since 2001
    4.    Nohe found Memory Screen
    5.    Wu Tang Clan Cassette tape collection (all the cassettes that they put out as Wu and solo stuff throughout the 90s) that i sold on Ebay for a butt load of money.
    6.    Everything that i found to sell on Ebay to fund my Europe trip in 2010

7. Top 5 Bways moments?
    1.    Nohe 21st

    2.    Bear In Heaven

    3.    Future Islands 2012

    4.    Taking the Vox team there and getting physically removed. That whole day was just awesome.
    5.    Every Monday at Kippers Trivia, even better when my team wins which is very often.

8. Top 5 Ween songs?
    1.    Demon Sweat

    2.    Ode To Rene

    3.    Cold Blows The Wind

    4.    Stay Forever

    5.    I'm Holding You

    6.    Happy Colored Marbles

    7.    Don't Laugh, I Love You

    8.    Joppa Rd.

    9.    Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
    10.    Who Dat?

    11.    Stallion Pt. 4

    12.    I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot (demo version)
    13.    Beacon Light

    14.    Tried And True

    15.    Oh Va La

9. Top 5 records you own?
    1.    Ween - God Ween Satan 1st pressing

    2.    Ween - Quebec 1st pressing

    3.    The Knife - Silent Shout

    4.    Animal Collective - Feels
    5.    Ween - White Pepper 1st pressing

    6.    Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

    7.    Beirut - Entire Collection

    8.    Beatles - Abbey Road Original Master Recording

    9.    Pink Floyd - The Wall 7" Box set

    10.    Ween - Stay Forever B/W Who Dat? red vinyl 7"

10. Top 5 Reasons to keep skateboarding?
    1.    It is the greatest thing on earth.

    2.    It is an excuse to call off work.

    3.    Games of S.K.A.T.E.

    4.    Salad Grinds
    5.    Fakie Frontside Flips




Luke Broussard

(interviewed by John Molnar)

1. Top 5 bump to something to skate over?
    1.    Trash Can
    2.    Road barrier
    3.    Bench
    4.    Picnic table
    5.    Dumpster, Chris Lambert style.

2. Top 5 noses in history?
    1.    1. Frank Gerwer
    2.    Adrian Brody
    3.    Alec Rickman
    4.    Barry Manilow
    5.    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iranian President, dude looks like me in 25 years)

3. Top 5 skateboarders?
    1.    Mark Suciu
    2.    The McClung Brothers
    3.    Phil Rodriguez Cavier
    4.    Sinner (aka Pat)
    5.    Ishod Wair
North Carolina:
    1.    Marc Johnson
    2.    Lennie Kirk
    3.    Justin Brock
    4.    Joe Brickhouse
    5.    Ryan Davis
All Time:
    1.    The original team roster from Plan B, aka "The Questionable Video"(Those guys changed skateboarding forever)
    2.    Frankie Hill
    3.    Guy Mariano
    4.    Eric Koston
    5.    Andrew Reynolds

4. Top 5 Sturgill quotes?
    1.    "Check it, peanut butter and jelly...on toast."
    2.    "I'm trying to get on that win image."
    3.    "Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"
    4.    "This shit will just roll your problems away."
    5.    "I'm ready to lay this dude out right now, on camera (referring to Jereme Rogers)

5. Top 5 things to do at the Mt Claire house?
    1.    1. Duh, get wasted.
    2.    Drink beers while playing skate in the street.
    3.    Stay up long enough to watch someone drunk fall down the stairs (You know who you are)
    4.    Heart to heart with Joe at 5 am.
    5.    Watch Molnar beat errrbody at horse shoes.

6. Top 5 places to mobile upload?
    1.    Ha, Vault Chronicles...RIP
    2.    Everywhere
    3.    Sick sesh
    4.    Brunch at the Southern
    5.    Bways

7. Top 5 Bways moments?
    1.    Molnar and I almost got murdered when the roof caved in.
    2.    When I got the 8 ball in on the break, and Kevin left immediately.
    3.    When I punked some dude down for being a homophobe (pretended to be gay with my friend Noah)
    4.    Nohe's first experience of listening to Future Islands live upstairs.
    5.    Surviving New Years 2010 with Brunt in the gnarliest fight across the street (Thanks Mattey)

8. Top 5 Beards?
    1.    ZZ Top
    2.    Jesse Erickson
    3.    Gandalf the Grey
    4.    Joaquin Phoenix
    5.    Bobby Worrest

9. Top 5 Skate Shoes?
    1.    Sal 23's
    2.    Chucka Lows
    3.    Adio Danny Montoya
    4.    Duffs Jereme Wrey
    5.    DC Rick Howard

10. Top 5 Reasons to keep skateboarding?
    1.    It's better than anything else.
    2.    Every couple of years chicks dig it.
    3.    Brodeo
    4.    Excuse to drink.
    5.    Sometimes you get money, and shit.




Chris Brunt

(interviewed by Matt Mercer)

Intro- Yo whats up Brunt? Been a minute. Time to catch up, lets go!

1. Please tell us your full name and any nick names you may have acquired over the years?

Christopher Scott Brunt. Everyone just calls me Brunt.

2. Where did you live before Ashevegas?

Born in Detroit, then we moved to Hickory, NC for a few years. I came to Asheville 3 days before sixth grade started.

3. How many years  have you been Skating?

Santa brought me a skateboard Christmas of '99. So 12 years.

4. What got you into filming?

It was just the next step for us in skating. That guy Evan who filmed "Monkey" sold Eric his VX, and I wound up using it the most. I ended up getting my own, and it was all downhill from there.

5. I believe there is one question everyone's dying to know, how many years you been "Hating"? What was the first thing that got you into Hating?

Hater by nature. Lots of stuff has always sucked. I guess I'm just more vocal about it, so I get a silly title.

6. Is there a formula for what you hate, or do you just mostly hate everything?

Just whatever deserves to be called out. People try to put some really stupid shit out in the world.

7.  Nyjah Houston or Grant Taylor? why?

Gino. He's just the best.

8. Late flips or Casper flip?

Late flips have more variations. Haymakers in a game of skate.

9. What do you miss most about the concussion days, and what do see as the best and worstt thing about skating in the ville?

Concussion was just a great way to be raised. Cess and I were the young dudes on the team, and we were being brought up by some really great people. It's crazy to think how long we've all known each other. It taught me a lot, and I'm sure he would agree.
Asheville is great. I miss it. The best part was the people. That's a bullshit answer, but it's true. The worst part was winter. It's hard to warm up your bones to skate when it's 15 degrees and snowing. When Concussion closed, It was a long trip out to Waynesville to go skate that park.

10.  Anyone you'd like thank, hate? shout outs? or just general rambling? 

My girl and the crew. B-TEAM.




Matt Mercer

(interviewed by Chris Brunt)

1. How did you get the nickname Atreau?  The rumor has always been that is was self appointed. Care to set the record straight?

The nickname came from Matt Fortney and Gary Burleson.  when i was about 15yrs old, we were skating at claxton elementary school and they were just being silly kids talking shit and trying to be funny, really they were trying to come up with some kind of name that sounded "tribal" or something...thats what they ended up with. They just starting messing with me and calling me "atrayu" which i hated..but overtime it became like a stage name that i used to my advantage, it  ended up working for me in the end.

2. Why do you choose to be sober? You're not even curious? Have you ever drank or smoked in your life?

I've always been very independent. I knew from an early age drinking, smoking, drugs etc were not for me. I was never really into doing things just because other people said they were cool, which i believe for the most part is why a lot of people start. Also my parents didn't really drink nor did they have alcohol around. Really at the end of the day I see and have seen many friends and loved ones become addicts or just act obnoxious, etc when under the influence. I enjoy many other outlets and find no need to get high or drunk. I am not here to judge anyone else for their habits either, to each their own.

3. What's the best story you have from the outreach programs you worked for in Asheville? I always though it was cool you did that.

You know what thats an awesome question, unfortunately i cant remember any of the crazy, funny or outrageous moments, i only remember that it was the most fulfilling work i ever had a chance to do! we spent a lot of time with the kids in the woods, swimming, camping, hiking, and waterfalls! Good times for sure. Thanks, its def good work.

4. Crook back-lip or AM shuffle?

Haha, crook back lip to am shuffle!

5. How do you feel about I-path these days?

Well, I path is def on a different vibe now, last i heard they were trying to market more to surfers, it's been sold, bought out, bought back and sold again, so def over it these days. There is on the other hand a new company with a similar vibe to the O.G. Ipath, its dropping this Spring be on the lookout "Praxis Footwear" with Karl Watson as the lead personality.

6. Give an incriminating Derballa story from back in the day. One he wouldn't want anyone to hear. He's a millionaire now, so he can probably use a reminder of his humble beginnings.

Hmm, lets see...haha well one time he shit himself, haha, i wasn't even there but he told me once that he was driving in the car with his family and they had spent the day out and about, he said he felt the urge to fart when he was in the car, he did but ended up shitting himself, haha, he said a little bit ran down his leg.. he didnt want to tell anyone so he just kept it to himself and kicked it with the fam the whole day with shit running down his pant legs. Also pretty much any time Bryan wasn't having a good day on his board watch the fuck out! screaming, board tossing and focused boards were pretty common when he lost it! haha.

7. What's your favorite Concussion road trip?

I'd have to say my favorite trip would have to be the trip we took to Columbia , SC. That place is amazing for skate spots! The park the street spots good times lots of fun. I also always loved trips to ATL and Raleigh.

8. Best story from the old Asheville Park?
The one on top of the Parking garage.
Yo, I'm embarrassed to say i don't remember much in way of crazy stories, just remember lots of fun times and growth. Although I vaguely remember some fights happening up there, random rednecks and wana be thugs used to come up there looking for trouble. I heard a rumor that one of our park employees banged a skate mom in the stair well of the garage. Haha.

9. Run through, play by play, what happened that day at Monorail, and why you don't have your backtail shuv on film.

Haha, damn sun! Going way back! Haha, ok soooo i can't really remember again! Haha, im getting old dude, all i remember was wanting to get this line at monorail, I think it started at the top with the flat bar then something to manual to boardslide then some flat ground trick, then back tail shuv, lol ummm i guess you were filming someone else? And i was pissed cause i was ready to film the line cuz i was landing every trick, and you were filming someone else and refused to film the line? Or you hated the line? Haha. Its pretty blurry, as I recall I disowned you and wanted to fight you after, I was pisssed I remember that! lol. My apologies. I dont remember what happened but it sounds lame in my mind. Hahaaha.

10. Who do you currently ride for, and who would you like to shout out?

I currently skate for - Funktion Skateboards (oakland ca), Satori Wheels, Ace Trucks Mfg, P.e.a.c.e. Fits (oakland ca), Push Skateshop. Def want to give a shout to the og asheville skaters! The demo days at the salvation army, parking garage days, concussion crew, Push skateshop. George at funktion, Lucian moon, TKP , and thanks to you for filming all those days! Bryan Derballa! and rest in Peace Gabe Smith (OG Flipside). Thanks to Rob at Push! Blessssss!




Rob Sebrell

(interviewed by Ryan Seymour)

1. You grew up in Rocky Mount, NC. What year did you start skating? What was the scene like there?

I got my first skateboard around '85. I was 5 years old and it was a crappy nash board. I found a sims lester kasai "splat" board in a motel parking lot on a family trip to the beach a year later and my dad grabbed it on our way back home and gave it to me. That was my first pro model. I was really into it as a little kid along with hair metal and bart simpson, but i quit when i was around 10 and didn't pick it up again until 1995. I got a fuct jaws deck and i've been consumed by skateboarding ever since. When we started skating again in the mid 90s there was no scene in rocky mount. There were a few street spots that we skated often but we basically just built our spots from day one. we bitched about it at the time but looking back it was pretty rad. skaters from other towns in eastern nc would come and skate our little diy spots. it definitely helped to create a small scene in our area. fun times. 

2. What is your favorite part about owning a shop? Least favorite?

That is a tough question because there are many things that i love about owning a shop but i would say that the making of the push video has been my favorite. Working with all the guys on the team on a project of that magnitude for 3 years was rad. I'm really proud of how it turned out as well. My least favorite part is how all of the business end of things takes most of my time when I would prefer to be dealing more with the creative side or out skating. I'm working on that one though.

3. You live in a whimsical pink castle down by the river. How many unicorns do you own? 

No one truly owns a unicorn.

4. What is your favorite trick (that you do)? What is your favorite trick to see someone else do?

I am a man of simple pleasures and i like simple tricks. It works well for me because i'm not good enough to do complicated ones. Not sure of a particular trick i like watching others do but its always better when people are shredding hard, being creative, and having fun. 

5. Word on the street is you are buying a PUSH skate shop pontoon boat this summer. What will you name it?

I wish. I did get a new tube for this summer though. I think i'll name it fred.

6. Your formal training is in apple inspection. How did that prepare you to be a skate shop owner? Do you still inspect you own apples?

I know not to eat that sooty blotch. You can take the apple away from the inspector but you can never take the inspector away from the apple...or something like that. I now carefully inspect every deck that comes into our shop to ensure the utmost quality.

7. You've held some pretty funny jobs before opening PUSH. Give us a couple.

I worked at a toy store, did some odd jobs, apple inspection, furniture designer (for 2 days), and ticket seller at the civic center. Before i moved to asheville i worked at edge of the world in banner elk. I also ran the carnival games at tweetsie railroad for a bit. Its the only job that I ever got fired from.

8. Besides Torger Johnson, name some folks that influence your skateboarding, art, or philosophy on life in general.

There are definitely too many to name them all. I've always been a big fan of mark gonzales both for his skating and his art. Family and friends have been huge influences. My girl Jamie and her kids Bella and Sophi influence my life on a daily basis now. I found punk rock and skateboarding at a very impressionable age growing up and that has had a profound effect on everything since. 

9. What is your favorite baby animal?

Great question. Unfortunately i don't get to be around lots of different baby animals so i'm gonna have to go with baby dogs.

10. Gun to your head. You have to choose one. Pickles or onions on your veggie burger? (no ranch chaser)

There is nothing good coming from this one. I despise them both but i would say pickles because hopefully the taste would go away faster. I know I'd be burping up onions all day.




Ryan Seymour

(interviewed by Rob Sebrell)

1. What year did you start skateboarding, what was your first board, and how did you get into it?

My first board was called a Gladiator. I got for Christmas in 1986 and I skated it in my moon boots all winter until the grip tape wore off. My first real board was a Santa Cruz, Jeff Kendall with the pumpkin on it. I got into skating when the older headbanger dudes built a half pipe on the edge of the dump. That was my first exposure to actual skateboarding. The first time I went down there, one of the older dudes gave me a Thrasher and I was stoked out for life.

2. You used to have your own shop back in the day. What was it called, how did it come about, and got any good shop stories of yesteryear to bestow upon us?

Ramp-Age Skate Shop. Founded in August of ʼ88 in Cornwall NY. My parents hooked it up, I was only 13. We opened up with $1200 worth of product in the back of my Grandfatherʼs tropical fish store which was located in an old bowling alley. My Grandfather had nude paintings hung all over the store. There were big pools full of
turtles and giant gold fish. He even had a tank with some illegal piranhas. The place was awesome. All the skaters hung out in the fish store on an old church pew. My Grandfather called us “board heads”. We sold lots of tie-dyed Vision Street Wear hip packs and mini Tony Hawks.

3. Have you ever fugee dusted anyone?

No, but my buddy Frank got FUJI dusted* at a Steve Miller Band concert at the Orange County speedway back in ʼ92.

4. I know you have some epic drinking stories that I'm sure as a responsible parent you are no longer proud of, but do you think there are any that are tame enough to be shared with the masses?

Drinking stories are best told while drinking...pour me and drink and Iʼll tell you some lies.

5. Speaking of being a parent, how has fatherhood been treating you? Do you wear baby diarrhea green as a fashion statement or as a cover up for the real thing?

Fatherhood is rad! I love it. Motherhood is where all the work is though. Big up to all the Mommas! As far as the whole “baby shit green” thing, I havenʼt seen it yet. So far itʼs been all honey mustard.

6. You have managed the Food Lion Skatepark for quite a while now. How long have you been there, what is the awesomest thing about it, and why did you name it that?

I have been working at the skatepark for about 8 years. Itʼs a pretty good gig, I like hanging around with the little shredders. I named the park Food Lion because food and lions have always been a big part of skateboarding to me. Plus it just sounds cool. Food Lion!

7. We have been on quite a few road trips together over the years. What is it about traveling and skateboarding that makes it just about the raddest thing in the world?

Itʼs really hard to put into words. A road trip for the sole purpose of skateboarding...nothing beats it. No reservations. No agenda. Just a loose plan and a general direction. Shredding and drinking beers...thatʼs my answer.

8. As the esteemed godfather of Thrashville, tell us what it is and about the process that it took to create such a fantastic endeavor?

Thrashville is an unholy temple where elitist carnies, viking intellectuals and deranged millionaires meet to shred and worship. This place has changed my life and Iʼm so proud that we pulled it off. All Hail Conway!

9. Your nickname is A-Game. At what age do you see yourself peaking and what direction do you intend to take skateboarding in the future?

I peak every time that I skate. Then I go home, go to sleep and start all over the next day. I have to relearn how to ride my skateboard every day...itʼs like Ground Hogʼs Day starring Bill Murray.

10. Let's end this with the same questions that the great interviewer James Lipton asks of all his guests:

Damn dude, tricky way to slip in 10 more you go.

  1.What is your favorite word?
  2. What is your least favorite word?

  Pabst. Love the beer, hate the word. B and S just donʼt go together. Sbarro
sucks too.
  3. What turns you on?
bald eagles doing it
  4. What turns you off?

  dog poop
  5. What sound or noise do you love?

  The sound you hear when you pull up to thrashville and there is a raging session going down. trucks on coping, people hootinʼ and hollerinʼ, punk rock blasting... or loons. I also like the sound of loons.
  6. What sound or noise do you hate?

  styrofoam squeaking
  7. What is your favorite curse word?
the F word
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

  NFL kicker
  9. What profession would you not like to do?

  budgie smuggler
  10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? 

  “hereʼs your name tag, now go pick out a monkey”
Footnotes: *Fuji dusting was the signature trick of 80ʼs Japanese wrestler, Mr. Fuji. Fugee dusted refers to smoking angle dust with a Haitian refugee and/or Wyclef Jean.




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