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Gus Cutty "Satanic Panic" at PUSH Gallery
Written by Push Toy Project   
Friday, 30 October 2015 16:41


Gus Cutty presents “Satanic Panic” opening reception

Featuring completely new works by Asheville aerosol artist and WNC’s #1 mural artist Gus Cutty in celebration of

Halloween and horror movie and heavy metal culture of America in the 1980’s.

where : Push Skateshop and Gallery, 25 Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC

when : Opening reception will be from 7-9 pm Friday October 30th and the exhibit will hang through the month of


Costumes are encouraged. 

Remember that time in 1984 when we found your brothers Judas Priest record and went into the attic and lit candles

and played it backwards and it told us to steal my sisters barbies and melt their heads together til it looked like a rad

goat headed demon then we had to hide the evidence in that abandoned school in the woods behind our neighborhood

so we wouldnt get caught and we found all those playboys in the leaves with the eyes cut out and pentagrams drawn all

over em?!?

This is gonna be just like that.”