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Nathanael Roney show at PUSH Gallery
Written by Push Toy Project   
Thursday, 17 April 2014 20:03


Age Cowboy presents Slown Down Pictures, a new collection of artworks by Nathanael Roney and an original soundtrack by J Seger, to open at PUSH Gallery (25 Patton Avenue) on Friday, April 18th from 7-10pm.


Followed by A Newspaper (2012) and The Deepening Blues (2013), Slown Down Pictures marks the third trial of "art show with soundtrack" the two have produced. And for the first time in the series, the individual works themselves have been titled, if not mostly for the sake of mentioning them here — BURDEN, COMPOSURE, SHIT CARS — titles meant to fulfill those traditional purposes of explanation.

Roney's work has been referred to as both "refreshing" and "masturbatory." Some people even hang it in their homes. He hates Rs and Ks and especially Bs, because he has a harder time drawing them than say Cs, Ts or lower case Es. This is not to say he uses the words he writes based on the preference he has in drawing them, but sometimes words and their characters are visually incorrect, making them useless in many cases. He considers the desire to articulate, even the instinct, to be the skin of great weakness. When used poorly, language assumes its power to conclude what it can only hypothesize. He often finds himself in defense from its influence, and at times, frustrated because of it.

Seger on the other hand, just don't give a fuck