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Peter Parpan and Justin Offner: New Paintings




Peter Parpan and Justin Offner have been creating art, collaborating and vibing off each other since they met in a high school art class back in '93.

Peter Parpan’s figurative paintings depict mystical beings that evoke a sense of timelessness and wisdom. The figures are tribal and primitive, yet futuristic and otherworldly. The visual depictions of these beings vary drastically in style. Realistically modeled, emotive figures, with eyes closed, as if in a permanent state of meditation, are juxtaposed with flat, bold, graphic cartoon characters, which the artist refers to as Oracles, depicted with huge round, wide open eyes.

Justin Offner’s paintings depict a world of absurd, wayward characters, lunatics and oddballs, which convey a sense of imperfection in all things and ideas. His hobo inspired paintings deviate from contemporary culture and draw from all things old with an odd sense of satire, and a visual style, reminiscent of 1960’s cartoon animation. In everything he creates, Justin intends to capture the interesting and odd.

Peter Parpan began his professional art career at the young age of 23. Working in the New York animation industry, Peter worked on projects for high profile clients such as Phish, The Roots and Cartoon Network. Realizing that making commercial art in front of a computer screen full time was demanding and sometimes unfulfilling, Peter began pursuing an interest in handmade craft and apprenticed with renowned NY studio craft artist, David Ebner. During this apprenticeship, Peter returned to school to study art education. Peter currently teaches visual art at Asheville High School, while creating original art and taking on the occasional commercial project.

Justin Offner has been an animator in the New York animation industry for over ten years. Currently he serves as Art Director at World Leaders Entertainment, creators of the Adult Swim show "The Venture Bros." and the Cartoon Network show "Robotomy". Prior to that he was a lead animator on the Comedy Central show "Shorties Watchin' Shorties" and has worked for other industry leaders like MTV, Soup 2 Nuts, JibJab, Scholastic and more.

This show includes more than 30 paintings, installation elements and several dozen framed drawings and collages created in the past 9 months. Music provided by In Plain Sight, Asheville's hottest DJ/Producer trio.

Beautiful people, come out for an evening of art, music and free drinks at Push Gallery.