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Birdsong: Paintings and Prints by David Hale



David Hale is an Artist and Seer, living in Athens, GA.   He speaks to the Mystery, and his work is his interpretations of these communications, and the communications of the collective.   The work he creates comes in many forms, Drawing, Painting, Tattoo, Illustration and Design, but he feels his masterpiece is his son, Crow. David dedicates his work to the growth of Crow, and the prayer for a generation that truly heals its connection with our Great Mother Earth, and our Father Sky.

Artist Statement

"Birdsong brings relief to my longing. I am just as ecstatic as they are, but with nothing to say! please universal soul, practice some song, or something through me!" RUMI translated by Coleman Barks.

This work is about our longing for connection, to all things, and our beautiful ability to do just that, in every moment.   Some works are very much personal, and tell of my way of connecting, others are very much about the Sangha and tell of ways that others connect.  What is important is taking time to speak to the mystery, and I hope my work reminds you how to speak, how to sing, and how to dance, we all are the children of Mother Earth, and Father Sky.